Broken Dentures

Lightwood Dental | Broken Dentures | Dentist Ferntree Gully and Knox CityDentures have a significant role in dentistry. A lot of people turn to dentures for their practical and aesthetic benefits. They restore your teeth’s normal functions in eating, speaking, facial structure and of course your dazzling smile.

That’s why when your dentures break, it could mean a lot of trouble! Not only is your speaking and eating ability hampered, but there is also the overwhelming embarrassment it can cause you. Smiling wouldn’t be an option.

Common Reasons Why Dentures Break

Your dentures are made of sturdy materials. They are made to last a long time. But there are still factors that can affect their durability, including:

  • Wear and Tear. Over the years, your dentures have undergone many episodes of chewing, grinding, and other forms of daily wear. The effect of the pressure builds over time until one day your dentures break.
  • Imperfect fit. If your dentures weren’t perfectly fitted to your mouth, they can move around. Progressive bone loss in your jawbone can also cause ill-fitting dentures. The lack of stability plus the stress caused by movement can cause your dentures to fail.
  • Accidents. Dentures should be removed every night to let your gums rest. Each time you remove them, there is a risk that they could fall and break. That they might fall out of your mouth during any activity is an added risk.

What To Do

Do not attempt to repair your dentures yourself as this can only cause further damage to the dentures.

There are many denture repair kits available in the drugstores but they are often ineffective and actually cause more damage to your dentures. Oftentimes, your dentist will have difficulty fixing your dentures if you tried to repair them yourself.

The best thing to do to repair your dentures and stop them from inconveniencing you is to schedule an appointment right away. Repairing dentures requires expert knowledge and the skills of a dentist. Lightwood Dental guarantees Same day Emergency Appointment for your dental emergencies. You will be prioritized among all the patients.

Broken Dentures Repair At Lightwood Dental

On your scheduled appointment your family dentist at Lightwood Dental will examine the extent of the damage.

In some cases, your dentist will have to send a mould of your mouth to the laboratory to make new dentures for you. However, if the damage is minimal, your dentist can fix them immediately in the clinic.

A small crack, for instance, only needs one visit. But if your dentist tells you that your dentures need replacing because they are too old and worn out, you’ll have to get new ones.

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