Lightwood Dental | The Importance Of Dental Care | Dentist Gully and Knox CityWhat does “oral hygiene” mean to you? No new cavities at your dental checkup? That’s certainly one aspect of it. But it’s actually much more than a lack of tooth decay.

Good oral health means a mouth that’s free of disease — disease that can range from simple gingivitis (gum inflammation) all the way up to oral cancer; a bite that functions painlessly and allows you to eat nutritious foods; and a smile that lets you express your happiness with complete confidence.

Put simply, oral hygiene is a crucial component of your overall health and wellbeing! 

One of the most important things you can do to safeguard your oral health is to maintain a daily oral hygiene routine that effectively removes plaque from your teeth. And Lightwood Dental can help!

Lightwood Dental and Oral Hygiene

Increased knowledge about proper oral hygiene decreases the chance of health problems in the future. You may know all about brushing and flossing, however, this is not always enough to ensure protection from diseases and other oral problems. Even very slight lapses in dental hygiene can cause serious concerns down the road.

That is why it is very important to seek guidance regarding your dental and oral health.

What is Oral Hygiene Instruction?

At Lightwood Dental, Oral Hygiene Instruction is a complete set of dental and oral care tips. It teaches you the exact needs of your teeth and gums. From choosing the right toothbrush, the importance of regular dental checkups, care for dental appliances, to mouth safety and more, Oral Hygiene Instruction includes everything dental.

Not only that, it also allows you to devise an oral hygiene regimen that suits your unique individual needs. Oral Hygiene Instruction can cover both treatment and prevention of oral problems.

Oral Hygiene Instruction Increases Awareness

Under our Oral Hygiene Instruction program, you learn accurate information directly from our dental hygienists. This includes correct choices in food, drinks, daily habits, and even dental care products. The program even reteaches you simple things, such as how to brush and floss.

Oral Hygiene Instruction also details the possible consequences of improper oral hygiene. You learn the exact risks connected with poor dental and oral health. From the simplest toothache to how dental inflammation can cause general health problems, Oral Hygiene Instruction covers it all.

Oral Hygiene Instruction Helps Develop Healthy Habits

At Lightwood Dental, we can design a complete oral hygiene program that fits you perfectly. Of course this includes correct brushing and flossing! Yet, the instruction is not limited to just that. Your diet and other aspects of your life are also a key pat of it. Too many sugars, too much acidic food, and bad habits like smoking must be avoided.

We will teach you the key role of water in oral health. Oral Hygiene Instruction encourages you to actively participate in this effort. It guides you in developing a lifestyle that upholds not just your dental and oral wellness but your general health as well.

In essence, Oral Hygiene Instruction in Ferntree Gully is an effective way to improve your entire wellbeing. Our dental hygienists give you sincere and proven guidance in oral hygiene.

Oral Hygiene Guidelines

Everyone knows that brushing with fluoride toothpaste is recommended at least twice daily to remove plaque and leftover food and drink from our teeth and gums. Flossing once a day is also a key practice to avoid gum disease and prevent tooth decay.

An oral rinse also helps promote good oral hygiene, reducing oral discomfort, providing moisture to oral tissues and reducing bad breath. Therapeutic oral rinses can be anti-plaque, anti-cavity, anti-tartar, and anti-bacterial all at the same time. Ask your Lightwood Dental dentist what products are perfect for you.

Practicing the aforementioned oral hygiene habits are good ways to maintain proper oral health however good habits alone will not remove all the plaque that builds up over time. This is why it you must visit your Lightwood Dental dentist and dental hygienist on a regular schedule, to remove plaque, to lower your risk of toothaches, cavities, periodontal disease, or even the loss of all your teeth.

If you effectively attack plaque you decrease the chances of needing root canals, tooth extractions, dental bridges, crowns, and other invasive and expensive treatments. Your dentist and dental hygienist will ensure that you will receive the treatments needed to maintain the good oral health of your teeth, mouth, and gums, and keep you smiling!

The Lightwood Dental Advantage

At Lightwood Dental, the dental health of you and your loved ones is our highest priority. That’s why we work together to ensure that visits are enjoyable and successful, for patients of all ages. Whatever state your teeth are currently in, Dr. Iram Hasan and the team can help you achieve the kind of smile you’ve always wanted.

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