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Preventative Care at Lightwood Dental

Holistic Ferntree Gully Dentistry

patient and dentist during examWorking with a prevention-focused family dentist can help you and your child reduce the risk of common dental problems. At Lightwood Dental we offer a full menu of preventative services to help you enjoy a strong smile for years to come.

  • Bruxism and Occlusal Splints – Chronic clenching and grinding can lead to problems like TMJ disorder, worn teeth and headaches.
  • Protective Mouthguards – Athletic injuries are a common cause of dental emergencies and concussions. Find out how a custom mouthguard could prevent both.
  • Children’s Dentistry – Developing primary (baby) teeth can decay at an accelerated rate compared to their adult counterparts. We offer comprehensive children’s dentistry in house.
  • Children’s Dental Benefits Schedule – Medicare enrolees receive up to $1,052 in dental services for their children over the course of two years.
  • Checkups and Cleans – To combat tooth decay and gum disease, we recommend a routine preventative scale and clean every six months.

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