Preventative Dentistry

Lightwood Dental | Preventative Dentistry | Dentist Ferntree Gully and Knox City Preventative Dentistry is an important approach to achieving stable long-term oral and general health. Research indicates that inadequate oral health can increase your risk of a stroke, heart disease, or respiratory disease.

Science tells us that good overall health is enhanced by a healthy mouth. Good oral hygiene combined with periodic dental check-ups is essential for good oral and general health. It is also beneficial in the assistance of preventing tooth decay, periodontal disease, or unwanted tooth loss.

At Lightwood Dental, we strongly believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We recommend visiting us for your 6-monthly dental check-ups and clean to keep tooth decay and gum disease at bay.

Preventive Dentistry Treatments

Check-ups and Cleans

Routine check-ups and cleaning are a vital part of your dental healthcare program. Through them, your dentist makes sure that your teeth and gums are free of issues such as plaque, calculus, and infection. We take pride in using the latest technology in our clinic, including digital X-rays and other modern equipment, to thoroughly check and assess the health of your mouth.

Children’s Dentistry

Lightwood Dental is a child-friendly dental clinic with a pleasant and welcoming environment. Our team is dedicated to providing first-rate care to your little ones, in a friendly and gentle manner. We provide a special preventative program designed for your child to help improve their dental care and hygiene habits at a young age.

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Occlusal Splints

Occlusal splints are recommended for patients suffering from bruxism, also known as teeth grinding. The occlusal splint is worn at night to protect your teeth from damage due to heavy grinding and clenching activity. With our effective and customised occlusal splints, we can protect your precious teeth and reduce the symptoms of bruxism.

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If you are into sports and an active lifestyle, we recommend getting custom made mouthguards provided by your dentist at Lightwood Dental. Mouthguards protect your teeth from sports injuries, which are common causes of dental emergencies. Custom-made mouthguards are effective in preventing serious injuries such as concussions, jaw fractures, and neck injuries.

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Oral Cancer Screening

Every adult should undergo oral cancer screenings at least once a year. The screening is a simple examination performed alongside your routine check-up and cleaning. It involves checking the mouth, neck, and facial area for warning signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer screening is an imperative part of your preventative dental care and a potentially life-saving procedure that no adult should disregard.

Across-the-board Preventive Dentistry at Lightwood Dental

At Lightwood Dental we offer a broad range of advanced services to suit your family’s dental needs. One of these is our comprehensive preventive dentistry designed to keep your smile for years. Giving importance to your dental visits and oral hygiene habits leads to optimal dental and overall wellness. We are here to help you achieve this!

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