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Meet Our Oral Health Therapists

hygienist kritiAt Lightwood Dental, our entire team wants the best for your oral health. When you visit us, you’ll often interact with one of our amazing oral health therapists.

An oral health therapist is a dental professional who has training and is qualified in the area of dental therapy and dental hygiene. Our therapists provide a number of services to children and adults, and they often work directly with dentists to bring you the best possible care. When you come in for a clean with us, you’ll likely spend your entire visit with our oral health therapist, as they’re specially trained to carry out the treatment.

Should they find any issues in your mouth, they’ll promptly have a dentist take a look and recommend you for additional care. Should you have any questions during your appointment, our therapists are ready and willing to address them—in fact, they love helping you feel confident and comfortable. We encourage you to ask us anything!

Our oral health therapists will provide you with invaluable advice to help keep your teeth and gums happy and healthy for years to come. Going beyond traditional care, they’re also able to assist you with cosmetic treatments like in-chair whitening to help you get the bright smile of your dreams.

Kriti Babhoota- Oral Health Therapist

Meet Our Oral Health Therapist

We’re proud to have an incredible oral health therapist on our staff,  Kriti Babhoota. Kriti is passionate about helping you achieve your goals in oral health, and maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile for years to come.

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If you’d like to schedule an appointment with our oral health therapists or a consultation for teeth whitening, we’d love to see you in our practice soon. Our entire team looks forward to welcoming you and helping you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Get started today by contacting us to book your first appointment.

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