Lightwood Dental | Bruxism | Dentist Ferntree Gully and Knox CityDo you catch yourself unconsciously grinding, clenching, or gnashing your teeth? If so, you might have bruxism. Bruxism is excessive grinding of the teeth or the clenching of the jaw.

It can happen when you’re awake (awake bruxism) or during sleep (sleep bruxism).  Both types of bruxism can have drastic effects on your teeth. Hence, if you suffer from bruxism, it is important to seek your trusted Lightwood Dental dentist immediately to help you with your problem.

Your team at Lightwood Dental will guide you through this condition and make sure that your pearly whites are protected. 

What Does Bruxism Do To The Teeth?

When you suffer from bruxism, your teeth take the worst of it. The force from the unnatural meeting of your upper and lower teeth will in time, deteriorate your pearly whites. The following are typical damages of bruxism to your teeth (including the oral cavity and the jaw bone):

  • Teeth are flattened, fractured, chipped or loose.
  • Worn tooth enamel, exposing deep layers of the tooth.
  • Increased tooth pain or sensitivity.
  • Damaged dental fillings, crowns, dentures, or veneers.
  • Tight or tired jaw muscles, or a locked jaw that won’t easily open and close completely.
  • Soreness in the neck or pain in the cheeks/ face.
  • Dull headache starting in the temples. 

What Can You Do To Prevent These Symptoms?

Bruxism is one of the most common conditions that damage the teeth. Its effect may not be readily seen or felt, but over time it can cause great damage to your pearly whites and to your oral health in general.

Fortunately Lightwood Dental can help you with this. Our experienced dentists will guide you through therapies and medications to prevent further tooth damage and jaw pain.

Your proficient team at Lightwood Dental will give you effective jaw exercises. A piece of dental equipment called an Occlusal or Night Splint will also be issued to you to protect your teeth from the uncontrollable grinding.

What Are The Benefits Of Having An Occlusal Splint?

Lightwood Dental’s occlusal splints are custom-fitted night guards designed to safeguard your teeth from bruxism during sleep. The following are the practical benefits of an occlusal splint:

  • Prevents your lower and upper teeth from damage when they meet.
  • Reduces muscle pain and tooth wear.
  • Relieves jaw pain.

Occlusal splints are part of Lightwood Dental’s preventive dentistry services. The efficient dentists and staff at Lightwood Dental are proven to produce occlusal splints with a perfect fit. Their durability is tried and true to preserve your pearly whites.

Protect Your Teeth With Premium Service At Lightwood Dental

At Lightwood Dental, we are dedicated to making your smile our highest priority. Protecting your pearly whites is easy with your family dentists at Lightwood Dental in Ferntree Gully and Knox City.

Avoid the pain and unnecessary costs by making an appointment now. We’d love to relieve your pain and take care of your winning smile every time.

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