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Meet Dr Iram Hasan

Although she grew up in a family of medical doctors, Dr Iram Hasan (Dentist) always wanted to pursue a career that allowed her to care for others and be artistic with her hands. She was first introduced to dentistry by her partner’s uncle and has been passionate about oral health ever since.

Because she began a family early on Dr Iram completed dental school in India while she was raising her children. While some would find this task daunting her dedication to both her children and her chosen career meant that she was prepared to put in the long hours of hard work to follow her dream.

A Career That Has Taken Her Everywhere

Throughout the course of her career, Dr Iram has travelled and practiced in a number of different countries, including Dubai, India, Egypt and Australia. She is fluent in four languages, all of which she learned in order to better communicate with the patients she was serving. Her diverse professional background is one of the things she has enjoyed most.

“I like sharing experiences, cultures, religions and languages with people all over the world”.

Holistic Centred Patient Care

Dr Iram enjoys helping other people make the most of their overall oral health. Her dedication to continuing education allows her to implement a holistic and wellness-centred approach to dentistry.

Treatment isn’t just about getting a tooth fixed…but to get people out of pain because of how it is affecting their overall health”.

Some of the things that Dr Iram takes into account include how a person’s teeth affect their quality of life. She says that anything from an airway obstruction to a tongue thrust can relate to malocclusion (crooked teeth) or a sleeping disorder. As such, she often incorporates myofunctional therapy and early orthodontic intervention techniques. She is also an active member of the Australian Dental Association (ADA).

Outside of the Office

Dr Iram and her partner enjoy finding time to spend with their growing children, often biking, visiting the park or going out to eat. Her oldest child is currently studying biomedical sciences in Uni, with hopes to go into research and her middle child is working toward becoming an MD.

For ethical dentistry delivered in a genuine, humble approach, contact our practice to book a consultation with Dr Iram today.


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