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Same Day Emergency Appointment Available Dentist Ferntree Gully and Knox City Whether it’s a broken tooth or injured gums, a dental emergency can interfere with eating, speaking, or other day-to-day activities. While you can sometimes prevent dental emergencies by avoiding the use of your teeth as tools or by giving up hard foods and candies, unexpected dental problems can still occur.

When an emergency arises, you should immediately make an appointment with our office so we can put you at ease, give you the best possible care, and help you return quickly to your regular life.

Luckily, your emergency dentist at Lightwood Dental strives to provide emergency care on the same day. With same-day dental emergency care at Lightwood Dental, we can help you get past the pain and discomfort as quickly as possible.

We will schedule a same-day emergency appointment for you so you can get the urgent care you need in order to regain the health of your teeth and gums. At Lightwood Dental, we can treat almost any type of dental emergency and we will do all we can to make you pain-free again.

We can treat emergencies such as dental infections, structurally damaged teeth, restoration of missing fillings or crowns, and emergency tooth extraction.

How to Handle Dental Emergencies

If you encounter a dental emergency, time is of utmost importance. You need to act calmly and quickly. See your emergency dentist at Lightwood Dental as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are some tips on how to handle the most common dental emergencies.

Broken tooth

  • Rinse mouth with warm water
  • Avoid putting pressure on the damaged tooth
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication
  • Apply cold compress to the outside of the mouth

Knocked-out Tooth

  • Try to slowly and gently reposition the tooth
  • Bite on gauze or a clean piece of cloth to prevent the tooth from moving
  • For a totally knocked out tooth, hold the tooth by the crown and not by the root
  • Rinse tooth with clean water, but don’t use soaps or detergents
  • Keep the tooth moist
  • If the tooth cannot be put back in position, store the tooth in a container filled with milk

Severe Toothache

  • Avoid chewing with the affected tooth
  • Rinse warm water with salt
  • Take over-the-counter pain reliever

Lost Restoration or Filling

  • Do not attempt to repair the restoration on your own
  • Keep your mouth clean
  • Apply cold compress near the affected tooth
  • Manage discomfort by taking pain relievers
  • Do not eat with a damaged tooth

Injured Soft Tissue

  • Gently rinse your mouth with salt water
  • Apply pressure to the site with a moist strip of gauze or a tea bag
  • Put a cold compress on your cheek near the area of any bleeding

Emergency Dental Care in Ferntree Gully

When you need emergency dental care, Lightwood Dental is on your side. We strongly urge you to put our phone-number into your contact list, so you can easily contact us should an emergency occur.

Call us on (03) 9758 2099 or book your appointment online.

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