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Thinking About Whitening Your Teeth?

Woman face painted with white teethHaving a beautiful, white smile is a reflection of youthfulness and great health. But if your teeth aren’t naturally light, that doesn’t mean you can enjoy having brighter tooth enamel. All you need is a little help from your dentist!

Teeth whitening is an effective — and affordable — cosmetic treatment that can make a tremendous impact on your appearance. It’s safe, quick and is typically recommended before pursuing other types of aesthetic treatments.

When to Whiten

Tooth stain can come from a variety of different sources, from natural enamel development (genetics) to the drinks you sip on each day. If you’re someone who loves tea or red wine, use tobacco products or swim often, you may see more stain buildup on your teeth than others.

We recommend whitening your teeth when they’re healthy. Problems like active cavities or gum infections will need to be dealt with first, to avoid irritation or unnecessary damage. Don’t worry; if you need a filling, we can place a temporary one and change it out after you’ve completed your whitening treatment.

Which Type of Whitening Works Best?

You’ll see better results if you choose to use a whitening product offered out of a dental office, rather than over the counter. Since professional grade products are stronger, they require less time and are more effective at removing deep stains.

With a professional application, you’ll tend to see

  • Even tone (no splotchy areas)
  • Faster results
  • Improved comfort
  • Easier maintenance

Plus, a professional whitening experience is ultimately more affordable in the long run. How? Because you won’t have to re-purchase an entire kit each time you need to touch up your smile. As long as you have a set of custom fitted trays on hand, all you need is an occasional refill tube of gel.

Something to Keep in Mind

If you have dental work such as crowns or bonding at the front of your smile, those areas won’t respond to teeth bleaching products. When whitening is a priority, those restorations will need to be changed out to match the new shade of your surrounding teeth.

Contact us today to find out which professional teeth whitening system is right for you!

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